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‘Serf Emancipation’-Delusion, Deception & Duplicity From China’s Regime


Open Communication to
Xinhua News Agency
The People’s Daily

China’s Ministry Of Disinformation, of which your news agency is a prime component, is actively peddling a cynical and fact-free comparison between the abolition of slavery in the United States and the so-called liberation of Tibetans from what’s claimed by the Chinese Regime (absent of independent and conclusive evidence) was a condition of supposed serfdom. That term is history-specific, correctly applied to a Euro-centered cultural and sociopolitical condition, the parallel you make therefore is clearly based, not on academic rigor or convention, but is founded upon ideological agenda.

Image: archivenet

There are however some features of United States history and the invasion and occupation of Tibet which are shared, although both The People’s Daily and Xinhua choose to evade those, so let’s take a brief look at the major points of similarity.

From the late 15th Century onwards Europeans…

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